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As a new dealer for Dahlman Premium Seed, Lehmann Seeds is proud to be offering product guidance and service to all farmers in the Midwest. Finding the right seed solution for your corn or soybean acres is critical to your farming success. You can purchase seed from a family-founded seed solution with roots in Minnesota when you purchase Dahlmann Premium Seed. And know you are getting the seed products that are perfect for your unique situation.

To learn more about the Dahlmann Premium Seed products contact Dean Lehmann from Lehmann Seeds anytime! Lehmann Seeds offers multiple varieties of Dahlmann corn and soybean seed for your next growing season.

For in-depth details about the Dahlman Premium Seed brand please check out their website: or check out the details on our Learn More page!

Dahlman Quality and Performance Makes a Difference!

Dahlman Premium Seed: Something Unique in Today’s Seed Industry

Dahlman Premium Seed manages every step of its production! Internal management includes testing as well as selecting the genetics and traits. Our internal management also extends to growing, conditioning and processing each corn and soybean seed unit we sell.
  • Dahlman Premium Seed delivers strong germination, healthy plants and excellent performance! The reason for this is because the seed is handled gently, conditioned carefully and graded with continuous quality supervision.
  • Dahlman Premium Seed products are produced handled and conditioned using many years of seed experience and “state of the art” equipment.
  • Dahlman Premium Seed is a quality seed delivered to you which translates to more plants per acre and greater profitability potential. You can see the difference when you plant Dahlman Premium Seed on your farm.

Be Careful With Your Dahlmann Premium Seed!

Every kernel of Dahlman Premium Seed that you plant is a living organism, whether it is corn, soybeans, alfalfa or any other crop.  All Dahlmann Premium Seed bags should be handled gently and not thrown long distances or dropped onto extremely hard surfaces.   Doing so can crack the seed and lower your germination resulting in less plants per acre.